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Jewelry Care

There are many commercial jewelry cleaners available that do an excellent job. It is important to know you should never use bleach or use any other harsh chemicals to clean your jewelry. Certain chemicals, especially chlorine bleach and bromine, will react to the base metals in your gold mountings and/or can pit and discolor the mounting.


Cleaning Diamonds

Although Diamonds have a non-porous surface, our day-to-day activities will attract dirt and oil to our diamonds. There are a few simple ways to keep your diamond looking as good as new.


One important point to remember when cleaning diamonds is – make sure you clean your diamonds individually because there is a danger of two diamonds scratching each other.


Cleaning Pearls

The only way to clean pearls safely is to wipe them with a moist, soft cloth. For pearl jewelry, it is best to avoid direct contact with any chemicals such as, perfume, make-up, hairspray, etc. As with your diamonds, it is important to store your pearls separate from other jewelry.



When NOT to wear Your Jewelry

It's tempting to wear your jewelry all the time! However, sometimes it's better to take your jewelry off before shortening its life or putting it in danger of being lost. Below are a few situations in which you should leave your precious valuables stored away.



Storing Your Jewelry

When you do take your jewelry off it is very important to consider how you store your jewelry to extend its life. A jewelry box that it large enough to store all your pieces is a great start to storing. If you do have several valuable pieces at home you could also consider getting a jewelry safe. When storing your pieces ALWAYS make sure each piece is not touching. Even though diamonds are extremely hard, they can be damaged if given a hard blow. You could also run into the risk of your jewelry scratching each other! Storing in a soft fabric or bags for each item is another great way to keep the jewelry safe, separate, and tangle-free.


Jewelry Maintenance 

Please remember to have your jewelry professionally cleaned and checked at least once a year for loose prongs and wear. Simply bring them to us and we would be happy to do that for you.


The Castle recommends customers self-check their jewelry regularly. If a clasp is not working properly or if you notice a prong holding a stone is bent, please bring it in immediately. We don’t want you to wait until it is too late!


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