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Women's Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Tennis Bracelets for Her

Tennis bracelets are timeless pieces of jewelry. There are several reasons for this. For one, tennis bracelets are practical. You can wear them around your wrist, and because it's lightweight, it does not hinder your daily activities.

The term tennis bracelet is said to originate in 1987 when player Chris Evert dropped her diamond bracelet after her clasp broke. This incident originated the term. Over 35 years later, tennis bracelets have become a jewelry staple, and they are much more durable, with wearers not having to worry about their tennis bracelets breaking in a game. Our tennis bracelets are durable and come in various metals.

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Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond tennis bracelets are a classic design, the type of bracelet that Evert dropped in 1987. Our diamond tennis bracelets are the perfect jewelry if you want people to be impressed by your style while you go about your day. In addition, our bracelets come in various diamond sizes, meaning that we have tennis bracelets for all budgets. In addition, we have diamond bracelets in many different styles. You can choose the standard design or shop for our other designs, which come in many shapes and sizes. Chances are, you can find a style you'll want to purchase.

Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelets

Our sterling silver tennis bracelets shine with over 90% silver. These bracelets are an excellent fit no matter your style, as they go well with any clothing combination. Our sterling silver bracelets come in various types, each offering a unique shape and size. Our jewelry consultant can help you determine which sterling silver bracelet works the best for your look or budget. So shop for our sterling silver bracelets and see which are for you.

Two Tone Tennis Bracelets

Two-tone bracelets can be what you need if you want contrast. Having two colors on your bracelet can draw attention to it, and specific color combinations can complement each other. For example, a dark and light tennis bracelet could symbolize yin and yang. Silver and gold are a classic combination representing sleekness and wealth. We have many other color combinations available. If you don't see the combination you want, consult our jewelry consultant team, and they can help you search for your favorite design.

Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelets

Gold, as one knows, symbolizes luxury and wealth. On the other hand, yellow represents happiness. Through our yellow gold tennis bracelets, you are telling the world that you feel luxurious yet humble. When you're looking for the perfect jewelry, this combination can be just what you need. If you want to ask any other questions, please ask your jewelry expert.

Lab Created Diamond Bracelets

Many people love diamonds, but they can be expensive, and some have ethical concerns about them due to how dangerous it can be to mine them. While we ensure that all our diamonds come from ethical sources, the best way to ensure ethical purchases are through lab-created diamonds.

A lab-created diamond bracelet contains the same chemical makeup as a natural diamond, meaning no one can tell the difference. However, because it does not require mining, these bracelets are cheaper and are more ethical if you're trying to look stylish but are concerned about your carbon footprint.

Skeptical? Look at our lab-created tennis bracelets and see how they look compared to our regular ones. Chances are, you might want to try them.

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