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White Gold Wedding Bands

White Gold Wedding Rings and Bands

The wedding band symbolizes eternal love and is a centerpiece of the American wedding tradition. White gold wedding bands also symbolize friendship, meaning that the person you're marrying isn't just a lover but also a friend. White gold tells people that if you weren't married, you'd still be close.

Our various white gold wedding bands are perfect for anyone on any budget. In addition, we have other wedding bands you might be interested in. We have more varieties than white gold, so check out what we offer. Our jewelry consultant only chooses the finest pieces for our site. Shop similar items or search our site for that unique wedding band.

Lab Created Diamonds

A wedding band made from lab-grown diamonds means you're paying less for something just as beautiful. These diamonds do not come from the earth, but using cutting-edge science; they have the same makeup as a regular diamond. A lab-created diamond wedding band costs up to 40% less than mined diamonds, and it is much more ethical due to the lack of mining, which can damage the environment and endanger workers. Thanks to science, we can now give you beautiful diamonds without having to remove a limited resource from the earth.

Two Tone

A two-tone wedding band requires the infusing of two metals. For example, silver and gold. Or our favorite, white gold. This process creates a fantastic contrast and symbolizes the joining of two people as one. We have several two-tone combinations that you will love, so check them out.

Rose Gold

Rose gold symbolizes romantic love. So if you want a wedding band that shows that the two of you will be together forever with a romance that will never burn out, our rose gold wedding band selection might be just what you need.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold bands symbolize fidelity. Fidelity not only means that you will never cheat on your spouse, but it's also a symbol of loyalty. No matter the situation, you will support your spouse and stay true to them. Because of this, the yellow gold band is the perfect piece of jewelry for someone who wants to show their commitment.

Engagement Ring Sets

If you want to save some money, buying a set allows you to do so while giving you all the rings you need. Our ring sets come with a wedding band, an engagement ring, and an anniversary ring.

As you may expect, we have sets of different styles and shapes. We also sort sets based on ring size, so you choose the best ring for your love. Of course, if you want the entire package, our engagement sets can let that happen.

Classic Wedding Band Sets

Sometimes, you want the classics. Our classic wedding band selection comes with the band design you know and love. While these bands are traditional, this does not mean that they lack variety. Instead, our bands can come in many unique designs that you will love. So check out our selection and see if there's something you love. Our stock constantly changes but we often have brands such as Neil Lane Bridal and David Yurman.

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