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24k Gold Dipped Roses

One of a Kind Gold Roses

Our original forever rose comes from a real rose in the prime of its life. We select it carefully, ensuring that we preserve its appearance as we dip it in 24k gold lacquer. Once hardened, you now have a forever rose, which is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Gold Dipped Roses Make the Perfect Gift

An ordinary rose can make a good gift, but preserving them is challenging, and they eventually die. Meanwhile, a gold rose is forever preserved in gold. Not only is it covered with one of the most precious metals in existence, but it's forever a symbol of your love for someone. Our one-of-a-kind forever rose makes the perfect gift for Mother's Day and Valentine's Day and makes a great anniversary gift. Our rose gold selection proves this.

Best of all, gold roses can be an affordable gift. Despite being dipped in 24K gold, they cost much less than jewelry. However, a forever rose can last just as long, making gold roses a gift you might want to consider.

Red Rose

Our gold rose selection doesn't only consist of pure gold. Our red rose stem still has 24K gold, but its flower comes in that classic red color with gold edges. Red is the color of a beautiful rose that symbolizes passion and love. If you want to give the person you love a classic red rose with a gold rose twist, our selection will help you fulfill that goal. Look at our red forever rose selection and pick one just for you.

Pink Rose

Pink is the color of gratitude, admiration, joy, and comfort. Therefore, a pink forever rose is excellent for most occasions with a special meaning. We select only the most stunning pink roses and decorate them in our 24K gold. What you receive is a rose color that works for any occasion. Our pink 24K gold roses make a fantastic gift.

White Rose

The white rose is a symbol of purity, innocence, and eternity. The white rose is an iconic rose for a wedding, the birth of a child, and other occasions. Besides that, white roses are loved by everyone, making them a great gift. Our 24K gold white roses are a reminder for any event, helping people remember their innocence and eternal love for someone. Please browse our pink 24K gold roses and see if there's one for your needs.

Blue Rose

The blue rose symbolizes mystery and uniqueness. One reason for this is because this rose color is not found in nature, meaning that a blue forever rose is something to keep. Our blue gold roses are a gift for occasions that bring a feeling of individual triumph. A graduation is one such example. This forever rose also works excellently as a general gift, being a treasure that one can preserve for a long time. One thing that is not a mystery is how our blue gold rose can be a great gift.

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