Chain Styles

Did you know that chains come is so many different varieties? Find out your favorite below!


metal balls are connected by metal links to create bead chains.


square shaped links that resemble a box connected together.


A unique flexible woven or rope like designed texture created by oval links united together.


oval rings linked together with complete symmetry and uniform in width and thickness.

Curb & Cuban

a variation of a cable chain but with a twisted oval link that lies flat against a surface. A popular style for men.


A patterned link with typically one elongated oval link trailed by two or three smaller round links.


A flat lying necklace made up of metal segments. The segments have a bent or weaved look in the center to form a herringbone pattern.


Features oval links with a bar in the middle of each link to divide it.


A similar style to the cable chain. Rolo chains are made with symmetrical round links.


Comprised of two thick strands woven together to have a twisted rope like appearance.


flexible twisted style chain with flat interwoven links.


Flexible chain with wavy flat metal plate looking links tightly joined together to resemble a zig-zag or snake skin pattern.


Twisted teardrop shaped oval links are connected and intertwined together; all pointing in the same direction to form the resemblance of the top of wheat stalks.
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