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The Kentucky Wildcats have some of the most passionate fans in the US. No matter where you live, the Big Blue Nation will come to any game involving the Wildcats with their A-game. Even people who have never set foot in Kentucky are Wildcats fans, having the same passion as those at home. Some even come from a different country. Wildcats fans show solidarity in many incredible ways. One example is through their clothing, displaying pride for their state and their team. Some fans sport jerseys. Others paint their bodies blue. Finally, some show their love for the Wildcats through body jewelry. From necklaces to piercings, we have several jewelry pieces you can use to show your love for the Wildcats. We have several types of jewelry, all with free shipping and a price one can afford.


Our necklaces deliver, each showing a unique design to show your pride. Our necklaces range from pure gold to steel and are available for Wildcats of all budgets. Each necklace we sell is designed to slip around your neck with ease and stay on even during the times when the crowd will go wild over a three-point basket. So if you're looking for jewelry you can keep safe during the entire game, our Wildcat necklace will deliver.


Your ears are open during every moment of the game, hearing every dribble on the court and listening to a football fly through the wind as it makes its way to the next touchdown. So why shouldn't your ear have some piercings to reflect your spirit? We have Wildcat piercings of all types, from large earrings with the Wildcat logo to smaller jewelry pieces that can still show off your pride for your team. Like our neck jewelry, we have earrings for all budgets, from gold to more affordable materials. So make your ear happy with our selection of Wildcat jewelry.

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As a Wildcat fan, there are times when you want to get straight into the action, and you have no time to browse all our categories. Therefore, our best sellers list can help you find the right body jewelry for your needs. You can see what's trendy for the BBN and see what deals are going on now. Our best sellers range in price, and you can find all your favorite jewelry in one location.

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