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Trade up to the larger piece you have always dreamed of!

Like all great retail jewelry stores, we offer a fantastic trade-in policy. If you double your purchase, we will give you the full amount of your trade-in back towards the next piece! We do this with all jewelry you purchase from us – not just diamonds! The best way to trade in your jewelry is to bring your original receipt with you when you go to shop for your next piece. If you do not have your original receipt, you should contact the location you originally purchased your item from and have them look up your buyer history.

If you purchased it from another retailer or it was handed down to you, you can still trade it in! Our sales associates will evaluate the jewelry you have, help you pick out your dream piece and then make a deal with you!

  • All jewelry qualifies for trade-in/upgrade
  • All jewelry originally purchased at The Castle Jewelry, with the exception of watches, will be given the full amount originally paid when you double your purchase price!
  • If you do not double your purchase price, you can still trade your piece in. We will work out a deal that makes everyone happy!
  • Jewelry purchased from other retailers is also eligible for an upgrade

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Let us know what time works best and we will be here to answer any questions. Our online jewelry is located at our New Circle Rd store in Lexington, Kentucky but most of our jewelry is not on the sales floor so we will need a scheduled time to have it prepared for you to see.

For same-day appointments, please call Allee at (859) 309-0041

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