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Introducing The New Castle Jewelry Online Experience.

Welcome to the Castle Jewelry's new online shopping experience! As you can see we have been working very hard to completely overhaul the design and functionality of our web store and it is finally ready for you to explore! We wanted to provide a quick guide to the site to explore some of the new features and changes that you can start taking advantage of right now! So follow along as we break down some of the key points of the site and how they can improve your shopping experience.


Mobile vs Desktop

The new design takes advantage of all the latest mobile technology available which means your mobile shopping experience is fast and easy to navigate. As we go through some of these new features we will point out the differences in how they work (if there are any) compared to it's desktop PC version.


Quick Access Header

At the top of each page you will find direct links to support, accounts and your shopping bag



You can quickly and easily contact support with your preferred method (phone, email or live chat). Just tap the appropriate icon for a direct link to our phone, email or live chat.

Store Locator

With the store locator page you can easily find all 11 Castle Jewelry locations across Kentucky and Ohio. On this page you will find a detailed map with all 11 locations marked. Just click on any pin to get directions directly to that store location. This page also shows the store hours and what each location can offer (firearms, pawn, etc.).  Just click the icon to go directly to the store locator page.


You can access your account details or sign up for an account using the account icon icon.

Wish list

Click the  icon to go directly to your current wish list, be sure to create an account to save your wish list and shopping bag!

Shopping Bag

You can see the contents of your shopping bag by clicking this icon 



The navigation has been completely re-designed so that you can find exactly what you are looking for in as few steps as possible. 



You can find all of our major collections and subcategories right in the navigation menu (click the  icon on mobile browsers). From there you can further filter your selection by a variety of options.
With our brand new collection pages, no more jumping from page to page to view all products within that collection. Our collections now allow you to scroll infinitely and load all the products within a collection directly on the collection page. 
You can also add products to your wish list directly on each collection page, gather all your favorites and save them for later or send them to your significant other to check out with!
Check back often as our collections grow more and more each week as we hand pick our most impressive jewelry and incredible deals.


Each collection page has advanced filtering options. Sort your selection by price, metal type, style, jewelry type, gemstone, and so much more. You can find these filter options at the top of each collection page (and on the left hand side on PC Browsers). Take a minute to become familiar with each of these options so you can narrow you selection down to ONLY the items you are interested in. 



Our new web shop has a very comprehensive search feature. Find products and collections very quickly using our automatic search feature which offers you suggestions as you are typing with LIVE search! 


Narrow your search results easily with filters on each search results page just like our new collection pages. 


Wish List

The new wish list has a few amazing benefits. You can pick your favorite pieces from the collection pages and product pages. You can even save items that are in your shopping bag for later and keep them in your wish list instead. Then, when you've picked out all of your favorites you can send it to anyone you would like! This makes sharing items for gifts and easy access has never been easier. Start adding your favorites today! Be sure to sign up for an account so that you can save your wish list and shopping bag.


Product Pages

Product pages have been redesigned to make the most important information about a piece easier to find. 


Product Codes are prominently displayed above the product images (or right below the images on mobile browsers). 


On PC Browsers, you can easily zoom into the product images just by hovering over the image with your cursor! Observe every detail of our high quality photos with ease!


Book Appointments to see the item in person using the button above the "add to bag" button. You can schedule a specific time to come see that piece at our 210 W New Circle Road Location in Lexington KY.


You can easily make offers on our items just by click "Make Offer" right above the add to bag button. Fill out the form to send us an offer directly for us to review. We will respond promptly with a counter offer or accepted offer discount link! Offers are encouraged so if that piece you've had your eye on is just a little out of your budget, make us an offer and get more details about that piece!


Easily add each item to your wish list directly on the product pages right below the add to bag button


With the new site design we have totally restructured the product details format. You can see all the relevant information for each piece in a very easy to understand chart. To see these details on your mobile browser, tap on the product description excerpt to open the product details panel. 


You can also see the physical store location of each item below the product details. If you would like to see the item in person just click the book appointment link to schedule an appointment to see that particular piece at our new circle road location. 


New Arrivals

Each week we hand pick a brand new selection of jewelry to add to our website. The best way to keep up with all the great new deals we have to offer is to sign up for our email list and check the New Arrivals page frequently to get all the newest additions quickly. 


Gifts Collections

This is one of our favorite new features. We have added a gift section to the site with some amazing resources for finding the perfect gift for your significant other or loved one. You can browse by occasion, by gender, and by popularity. Take some time to check out our Ultimate Gift Guide and get a head start on your holiday shopping or next important birthday.


Guides & Education

We have added several new resources for becoming familiar with all the ins and outs of fine jewelry and luxury watches. Check out the education center to read up on several topics like "how to choose a diamond" or "Precious Metals" guide. This section will be updated frequently and will reflect the latest in industry terminology and definitions. 


Notification Emails

You now have the ability to sign up for notifications by email. This feature allows us to send you a reminder for some very important dates such as your anniversary, your birthday and your significant other's birthday. Get an email to remind you of an upcoming important event and some suggestions for gifts to come prepared!



As always, our Castle Jewelry online support team is on stand by to help you with anything you may need! You can reach us directly using one of the methods below or click one of the many links across the website. 


  1. Live Chat - Available On Website
  2. Phone - 859-309-0041
  3. Email -


We are working around the clock to continue to improve and optimize the site so check back often and be sure to sign up to our email list to keep up with all the latest deals, new jewelry arrivals, and updates to the site. Don't waste another minute, Start Shopping!


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    Great Work! Keep It UP!

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