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Just like the song by Burl Ives in “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” says “Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, everyone wishes for Silver and Gold”. Gold has long been the color of wealth, status and success.  With Christmas shopping at frenzy level, we thought you may want a little information on gold jewelry. There is often confusion on how gold is measured because the measurement of gold content and the weight of diamonds are determined by a tricky homophone! Karat measures the content of gold and carat measures the weight of a diamond. Both pronounced the exact same but have very different meanings. The word karat is used to indicate the percentage of pure gold in an article of jewelry. Gold in its pure state is considered too soft for ordinary jewelry applications; it is generally alloyed with other base metals chiefly copper (but also nickel, silver and zinc). Pure gold is 24 karat; other alloys are simply a percentage of 24 karat. While shopping for gold jewelry, look for these markings:


18 karat gold jewelry is actually 18/24 pure gold or ¾ pure gold and is often stamped .750


14 karat gold jewelry is 14/24 pure gold and often stamped .585


10 karat gold jewelry is 10/24 pure gold and often stamped .417

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