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In any given year, 38 million Americans will buy fine jewelry or watches. And while most of us try to be responsible jewelry owners and keep our pieces clean and well-taken care of, it’s easy for life to get in the way and cause it to fall into a bit of neglect. While this usually isn’t a big deal at all, there are some small signs that indicate your jewelry could benefit from a professional repair job. Here are just a couple signs to look out for that could mean your fine jewelry needs to be repaired.

Snagging Prongs

If you notice that the prongs of your diamond engagement ring or any other fine jewelry are starting to get snagged and caught on your clothing when you put them on or wear them, they’re most likely bent out of shape. Though this may not seem like a big deal, prongs that remain worn out of shape can easily fall into further disrepair, or worse — the main diamond could come loose and be lost forever.

“Worn prongs are especially dangerous because they can break, at which point your stone can fall out of the mounting and get damaged or lost. What’s even worse, all prongs in the same mounting wear equally fast, so if one of them is worn, chances are the others also have gotten thin and pose a risk to your gemstones,” writes JewelryNotes.

Don’t take the chance — if you notice bent or snagging prongs, seek jewelry repairs immediately.

Broken Chains

If you’ve had to move the main stone of a beloved necklace onto various chains throughout the years, you’re probably sick and tired of the constant struggle. If you just want a chain that matches your favorite piece of jewelry, either bring a broken one in for jewelry repair or bring your stone and we’ll find the perfect chain to match. Don’t let a broken chain keep you from wearing a piece of jewelry you adore.

Some 130 million carats of diamonds — around 26 thousand kilograms — are produced from mines worldwide. Keeping these signs in mind can help you determine when it’s really the right time to seek out professional jewelry repairs. For more information about designer jewelry, contact Brittany at (859)-299-6788.

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