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In the previous two posts, we’ve dug deep into some of the most common mistakes buyers should avoid when shopping for engagement rings. However, there are still a few mistakes that all buyers should be aware of when buying designer jewelry, especially a piece as symbolic and meaningful as an engagement ring. Here’s the third and final installment of our guide to avoiding some of the most common mistakes when buying an engagement ring.

Not knowing personal preference

Finally, it’s important to remember that an engagement ring should reflect your love for your significant other while serving as a fashion statement that aligns with her personal stylistic preferences. In order to pull this off, you may have to get crafty and creative to determine your significant other’s style and taste. Too many men purchase a ring that their partner absolutely dreads wearing for the rest of her life, which is never a great way to mark the beginning of your lifelong commitment.

Some 130 million carats of diamonds –- around 26 thousand kilograms –- are produced from mines worldwide. Many of those diamonds will end up on engagement rings adorning the ring finger of women around the world. To make sure you pick the right wedding ring, you need to take your time and plan ahead. Ultimately, avoiding these mistakes is the key to buying an engagement ring your significant other will absolutely love.

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